When Should The Locks On Your Doors Be Changed?

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When Should The Locks On Your Doors Be Changed? Project

When it comes to securing your property your external doors are your first line of defence against potential burglars, so it is important to ensure that they are well maintained and in good working order in order for them to remain as secure as they can be. If your lock has been compromised or is showing signs of wear or just needs upgrading, then this should be done with a bit of urgency. Below you will find a handy guide our team at City Locksmiths Monmouth have put together of the signs that you should look out for that are a good indication that your locks need changing.

Reasons To Change Door Locks

Wear and Tear – Like anything else, over time locks become susceptible to wear and tear. The frequent use a lock gets often takes its toll and eventually compromises the overall strength of the lock, in turn leaving your property less secure. If you notice rust on your lock or any other obvious signs of damage, then it is definitely time to contact a locksmith to have your locks changed or even upgraded.

Lost or Stolen Keys – This is one of the most common reasons our services as a locksmith are required. When you keys have been lost, or worse you fear they have been stolen then you have two problems to deal with, firstly you need to gain entry to your property, this is a simple task for most locksmiths and can be done without causing any damage to your existing door frame or handles. The second problem is the security of your home, if your keys have been lost or stolen then you don’t know who now has easy access to your property so it is always a smart move to have the locks changed so your lost or stolen keys are no longer of any use to whoever may have them and you can be safe in the knowledge that your home is once again as secure as it can be.

Moved Home – When you move into a new property unless it’s a new build and you are the first one to occupy it you can never be sure of how many copies of the key have been made and are still in circulation. It is always good practice to have the locks changed this way you know exactly who has a copy of the key to your home and be safe in the knowledge that a stranger does not have easy access to your home. The same applies if someone moves out of your property that has been renting or a lodger.

Break-In – When you have had a break in there is a lot to sort out in order to get things back to how they were. One of the things that should be top of your list is to get the locks changed so that your home is once again secure. Even if your locks haven’t been compromised or damaged there is always the possibility that a spare key has been taken by the burglar that they plan on using at a later date. So, by replacing your locks promptly you can be safe in the knowledge that you have done everything you can to make your home safe and secure again to help prevent future break-ins.

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When Should The Locks On Your Doors Be Changed